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What’s different in the new GuildQuality?

Coming from GuildQuality Classic? There are some differences in the new GuildQuality you’ll be interested in.

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First, here’s what hasn’t changed:

  • Cost: Although the new GuildQuality is faster and simpler to use (and includes exciting new features), your monthly bill is exactly the same!
  • Core values: We’re more focused than ever on what has always been central to our service: giving you an easy way to survey your customers, measure their satisfaction, get insights to improve your business, and promote your success online.


Now, here’s what’s new:


Smarter surveys

Every survey can include our new Smart questions which automatically fine-tune themselves based on the type of work done. You can also ask custom questions of your own creation, including multiple choice.


Beautiful reviews

When you share your reviews on social media and messaging apps, we automatically generate an image with a quote from your customer, their rating, and a photo from the project.


Team endorsements

When you tag team members on projects, your customers can now endorse them while taking their survey, increasing accountability and helping you reward excellence.


Enhanced reports

We completely rebuilt our reports in order to offer more in-depth, customizable, and shareable trend analyses and performance insights, both in the app and via email.


Multiple brands and companies

Management of different locations, franchises, seasonal brands, neighborhoods, or divisions is easier than ever, with single sign-in across all your businesses and teams, and unique public profiles for every brand.


Prospect surveying

If you’ve used our prospect surveying before, you know it’s a great way to learn and reclaim lost business. Now you can manage prospects in the same account as your customers, and our survey team can transfer warm leads to you as soon as we learn they’re still interested.


Easily imported data

It’s now easier than ever to get your customer data into GuildQuality thanks to our new self-service bulk import tool. Export a list from your CRM, and upload it right into your account with a few clicks.


All stars

We’ve switched from a 0-4 numerical scale to 1-5 stars. It works the same as before, but now it’s easier for your customers to understand. FYI, although we’re automatically switching your existing surveys, your satisfaction score will remain the same.


And much more! We can’t wait to see how you use the new GuildQuality, and to learn from your feedback to continue making it better.