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Leads / Prospect Survey

After a sales appointment with a potential new client, the most important step is the follow-up. As only 2% of sales close after one meeting, nearly every lead will require more effort and attention. There are several benefits to following and generating leads to elevate your business: 

  1. You can expand your market. You might notice interest and engagement from clients not originally included in your targeted audience, which can provide useful information for future marketing campaigns.
  2. You can grow your following and gather more customer reviews. Social proof is extremely important in convincing prospects to convert into customers, especially in the home improvement industry. 
  3. Lead generation and follow-up can potentially maximize your revenue growth if you are able to convert leads into customers.
  4. Lastly, more leads can build visibility and awareness of your business. By communicating your services to many potential clients, you are increasing the awareness of your business, even if only some of your leads turn into customers. 

Your leads also have valuable feedback to help your business grow and adapt more efficiently. Implementing surveys for your leads makes it easier to segment them into categories based on your various services. You can also identify your most qualified leads and understand each prospect’s priorities and values needed in a particular service. 

Surveying For Leads With GuildQuality

GuildQuality can provide your business with the proper tools to create a survey specifically for all of your leads and prospects. The main goal of this survey is to learn about the sales process and figure out if the lead is still considering your business. This can also apply to old leads you are following up with as an opportunity to understand why they did not choose your business. Another benefit to this survey is that it is completely for internal purposes, so the feedback can serve as a learning tool for the salespeople to better understand and improve their performance with leads. 

This survey should be completed as soon as possible after the sales appointment. As you’re well aware, momentum is key when closing a sale, so the quicker you get their feedback, know the pain points, and address them, the more likely you are to turn them into a customer. With this survey, be prepared for a lower response rate, as these are leads and not all loyal customers. It follows the 30/30/30 expectation, which means 30% typically respond, 30% of that group are considering your business, and 30% of that group will close a deal on average. 

Important Questions to Ask

As a starting point for your survey, we have outlined a few important questions to ask in order to extract the most helpful data:

  1. Are you still considering my business?
  2. What are the most important features of this service?
  3. What is your budget for this service?
  4. If you chose a competitor, why did you choose their business?

Let GuildQuality do the work for you

Our surveying platform provides customizable surveys that give you the exact feedback you need to identify trends, measure performance, and analyze data to grow and improve your business. Get started on your leads survey today!