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Expedited Survey Process

Historically GuildQuality has offered two survey options for our members, to include our “Full” process and “Email only” process.  Our full survey process includes both telephone and email outreach, and is our most effective cadence to return a strong response rate.  However, for a variety of reasons, our members will sometimes choose our email only process, which historically achieves a greatly diminished return of 10-15%.

We have added another option to this line-up, to include what we’re calling our “Expedited” process:

As you’ll note above, our expedited process includes up to two telephone attempts max (vs three as offered in our full process) and sends up to four emails.  (FYI all attempts are stopped when a survey is completed.) For our members who would prefer their clients not receive as many phone calls, this is the option for you.  Additionally, this new process is concluded within 25-days, vs our 60-day process for both full and email only surveying.

If you’d like to switch a specific customer type to our expedited process, please visit the navigation bar on the left hand side of all pages within your account, and select Account –> Templates.  Choose to “open” the survey template of interest, and under the Survey Process option, choose Expedited process from our drop down menu.

If you’d like ALL of your customers and/or leads to be switched to this option, please contact your Success Manager, or our Support Team (