GuildQuality Crew

GuildQuality Crew is designed to help construction industry professionals work better together and get the recognition they deserve for their skills, professionalism, and quality work.

Here are a few things you can do with GQ Crew:

  • Invite colleagues, peers, and network individuals for free.
  • Endorse and find colleagues and professionals by recommendations, skills, types of work, etc.
  • Share real-time project updates and locations, Check into project locations and add photos so fellow Crew members know where your area of work may be. Multiple people can check into the same project so you can even keep track of work crews and labor on site.

Crew FAQ

How much does Crew cost?

Currently, it does not cost anything to join and use Crew, and Crew is available to the public.

We have our whole team on GuildQuality, do they need to create their own crew profiles?

All users on GQ Accounts are or can be opted into Crew very easily. If you visit the “Marketing > Profile” tab from within your account, crew can be found at the bottom. If you allow Crew profiles to be featured on your profile page, your users will be given cards on your Crew tab. The individual’s card links to their specific Crew profile, which also provides a click through back to your GQ profile page.

What if I don’t want my crew profiles on our Profile page? Can they still access GQ Crew?

Anyone can have a GuildQuality Crew profile, their profile just won’t link back to your company if you choose not to. This can be beneficial for independent and subcontractors who work for multiple builders.

How many GuildQuality profiles can one Crew user be associated to?

Right now, a user can be associated to one GuildQuality member profile. Once the user created their Crew profile, they can pick which company they’d like to associate themselves.

What does an endorsement actually do for me?

The more endorsement you have on GuildQuality crew, the higher your search ranking priority. This is why it’s important to grow your Crew network: the more people you know on crew, the more endorsements you will get. Log in to Crew and visit the Professionals search page. Here you will see people you haven’t endorsed, who are most likely interesting to you based on related keywords.

Who can see the photos I upload to my projects?

Photos are a great source of online SEO, so photos are available to all Crew users and non-Crew visitors to the page. Photos are prioritized by number of likes and recency.

Does checking into a project reveal sensitive information about my homeowners?

We do share that you are working on a project at a specific address, and which kind of skills are being employed at that address, as well as photos uploaded by anyone who has checked in. However, we will never share sensitive, specific homeowner information like name or contact information.