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At Contract / Design Survey

In remodeling and home building, it is essential that both parties are on the same page and understand each other. If either the homeowner or the contractor does not have the right impression of the tasks at hand, it could easily lead to frustration and a lost or disgruntled customer. This is why it is so important to get ahead of any potential concerns the customer may have out the gate. 

One of the best ways to gain clear and concise feedback and communicate with your clients about the upcoming project is to implement customer surveys after completing the contract stage. 

Surveying At Contract With GuildQuality

GuildQuality makes it easy for your business to create At Contract surveys and receive data-rich feedback. This survey should be completed within a week after the contract has been signed, or after the design phase has been completed if the project includes one. This survey is only for internal use for quality assurance and improvement. 

Important Questions to Ask

There are a few questions to start off with to receive the necessary data for this survey. First of all, you’ll need to understand whether there has been effective communication between the contractor and the client in order to proceed with the project. Here are some topics you should consider covering when creating your At Contract survey:

  1. Overall satisfaction so far
  2. Properly set expectations before build
  3. Competitive mortgage rates (if applicable)
  4. Effective communication

If Your Project Includes a Design Phase

This survey could also double as a satisfaction survey for custom home building and remodeling during the design process:

  1. Design Studio experience
  2. Design options chosen
  3. Experience with designer

Make sure your customers are happy

Our surveying platform provides customizable surveys that give you the exact feedback you need to identify trends, measure performance, and analyze data to grow and improve your business. Get started on your At Contract survey today!