Project Map

The GuildQuality map allows your clients and prospects to search by their zip code or zoom in to their area and see what their neighbors are saying about your company. This map displays on your GuildQuality Profile and is embeddable on your website by using one of our custom embed codes found here.

The map populates with blue pins for published comments and star rated reviews. Gray pins populate for completed customer projects without feedback provided. We will not display sensitive contact information for your customers and the pins are roughly within 2 football fields of actual location.

By default, your map is turned ON. If for any reason it is not, or you would like to disable it from your profile page, you can navigate to “Profile” on your account’s sidebar navigation. There you have the option to show or hide your Project Map.


If you have any questions about your map, please email or call 888.355.9223 Ext 2 and our amazing Support Team will be happy to help!