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Shortly After Close Survey

As customer service is highly valued in home improvement and construction, there are several different tactics businesses can implement to show that they not only care about their customers but want to learn from their experiences as well. In the home improvement industry, customer satisfaction surveys are a great way to demonstrate your commitment to quality.

Surveying Shortly After Close With GuildQuality

GuildQuality can provide your business with the proper tools to conduct customer satisfaction surveys and learn directly from your customers what’s working, and what isn’t. With GuildQuality, you can create surveys at each stage of a project to understand the customer’s experience from start to finish. The Shortly After Close survey, or SAC, is our most commonly used survey and can be utilized for any job that has been completed.

The ideal timeframe for this survey is within one week or one month of the job completion, depending on the type of work. If you’ve done a home build, a month makes more sense so the customer has had time to live in it and get a better feel of the finished project. On the other hand, if you’ve done a roofing job, for instance, one week makes sense because their experience will be more top-of-mind.

Important Questions to Ask

With this survey, you can receive data-rich feedback on your process, your employees, and your customers’ values. Here are some topics you should consider covering when creating your shortly after close survey:

  • Questions we think all SAC surveys should include:
    • Likely to Recommend
      • Nearly all of our members include this question on their SAC surveys, as the results will be displayed on your GuildQuality profile page as a review for potential customers to see.
    • Professionalism and organization
    • Effective communication
    • Problem resolution abilities
    • Areas for improvement
  • Team-specific questions
    • Sales Knowledge
    • Schedule
    • Clean and safe
    • Installation crew
    • Quality of materials
    • Quality of workmanship
    • Condition of home
    • Budget
    • Areas of satisfaction
    • Recognized excellence
    • Future needs

This customizable survey allows you to identify trends, pinpoint areas of focus, and track your performance over time.

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