Use incoming webhooks to get real-time updates

GuildQuality uses webhooks to notify your application when an event happens in your account.  A webhook enables GuildQuality to push real-time data to your app. We use HTTPS to send this data to your app as a JSON payload. You can then use these notifications to execute actions in your backend systems.

Currently, GuildQuality has one webhook event, Survey Completion.  When a Survey Completion webhook is created in your account, GuildQuality will push survey data (questions, answers, contact data and project data) to the webhook payload URL you define when a survey is completed.

Steps to setup a survey completion webhook:
You can start receiving survey completion notifications in your app using these steps:
* On your local server, create a webhook endpoint as a HTTP endpoint (URL).
* In the GuildQuality app, go to Account->Webhooks and click “Create new webhook”.
* Enter the Payload URL.  This is the URL you created on your server that will accept the completed survey data.
* Leave the Webhook type as Survey Completion.
* If you would like the call to your server to be authenticated by a bearer token, enter the secret into the Secret field.
* Turn the webhook On.
* Save the webhook.

Now, anytime a survey is completed, a JSON payload will be send to the Payload URL. An example of how the survey json data will be formatted can be found here,