GuildQualitySurvey Types

Ongoing Surveys

Does your business have a subscription service or repeat service appointments with customers? Ongoing Surveys are a great way to continually check in on those customers to ensure you are providing an exceptional experience.

How it works

  • Ongoing Surveys are designed to be sent multiple times to the same contact.
  • Ideally, a GuildQuality data integration can be set up to upload contact data to our system after a trigger on your end, such as a service appointment completion, monthly invoice, etc.
  • When a contact upload contains an Ongoing Survey, we’ll send it to your contacts per any “max frequency” settings you set in the survey template settings.
  • If your Ongoing Survey upload happens more often than your max frequency setting, the survey will not be sent. For example, if your max frequency is set to send no more than one Ongoing Survey per month, the next time you upload an Ongoing Survey, we’ll make sure that one month has passed since the contact last received an Ongoing Survey. If a month has passed, we’ll send it. If not, we’ll skip sending the survey.

Have any questions, or would like to try out Ongoing Surveys? Reach out to our support team today!