Resending Incomplete Surveys

You can resend a customers survey by request if the survey is still active. Surveys expire after 365 days in the queue and can no longer be completed. To discover a customer’s survey status, select the “Surveys” tab from the left hand navigation menu. The white navigation menu to the right of the main navigation menu will allow you to view your surveys, broken down by status;

  • Scheduled: The survey is not yet ready to be sent to the homeowner. It is in the system, waiting to deploy
  • Completed: The survey is already complete and can be viewed within the account.
  • Abandoned: Your homeowner requested not to complete a survey.
  • No Response: Maximum attempts have been made with no answer to the survey (~60 Days) but the homeowner can still complete the survey
  • In Progress: We’re actively reaching out to your clients and have not yet made our final attempt. Compare the survey process timeline to your customer’s attempts outlined at the bottom of the survey

If a survey is listed as Abandoned the homeowner will need to contact GuildQuality directly before the survey can be sent back out to them. They can email or call in at 1-844-585-1199.

If a survey is listed as No Response or In Progress, you may contact our support team through Live Chat, by emailing, or by calling 888.355.9223 x2 to speak with a support team member. Surveys can be contacted 2 additional times via email.

Need to resurvey a client whose issues you’ve corrected? Click here for more information.