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Long After Close / Warranty Survey

In order to maintain strong relationships with customers over time, you need to keep in touch with them. Sometimes, this involves reminding the customer of a finished service and asking for their feedback once more. 

Creating a Long After Close survey (LAC) can help your business improve its practices, coach your employees, and understand your customers’ long-term satisfaction levels and lasting impressions of your business. It also gives you the opportunity to learn about your warranty process, and how you can improve it if you have one. 

Surveying Long After Close With GuildQuality

GuildQuality makes it easy for your business to create LAC surveys and receive data-rich feedback. This survey should be completed between six to twelve months after job completion, depending on the type of work. Ultimately, this survey is a great way to track satisfaction around your warranty process, and can serve as a reminder to customers of your services, and encourage them to book another service. 

Important Questions to Ask

Here are some topics you should consider covering when creating your LAC survey:

  1. Likely to Recommend
  2. Customer service
  3. Construction quality
  4. Warranty process
  5. Warranty suggestions/explanation
  6. Satisfaction with finished product
  7. Overall experience
  8. Easier than expected
  9. Any changes?
  10. Recognized excellence
  11. Client for life

Let GuildQuality do the work for you

Our surveying platform provides customizable surveys that give you the exact feedback you need to identify trends, measure performance, and analyze data to grow and improve your business. Get started on your LAC survey today!