To automatically import your contacts into GuildQuality from MarketSharp, you need to connect your MarketSharp account within GuildQuality, and activate the integration within MarketSharp.

Connect your MarketSharp account within GuildQuality

Connect your account in GuildQuality by going to Contacts > Import contacts > Manage integrations > Add integration > MarketSharp. If you’re logged in, this link will take you there.

You can choose from a one-time Customer import, or an ongoing Customer sync. For most people and use cases, you probably want the Customer sync, so that GuildQuality keeps up with your new customers in MarketSharp going forward.

In Step 1, you’ll be asked to add your MarketSharp account. When you select “Add account” you’ll be given the option to enter your MarketSharp Company ID. If you don’t know this already, you can find it at the top-right of your MarketSharp account.

After entering this information, GuildQuality will connect with your account. Once connected, select “Save and continue” twice: once to confirm your account, and again to confirm in Step 2 all contacts you select in MarketSharp will be sent to GuildQuality.

In Step 3 you’ll be able to map your MarketSharp fields to your GuildQuality fields. Be sure to at least map First name, Last name, Phone, and Email. Once finished, select “Save and continue”.

In Step 4 you can choose which survey template(s) GuildQuality will send to any contacts MarketSharp syncs to your account.

In the final Step 5, you can confirm your settings and activate the sync by selecting “Save and activate”.

Congratulations, your sync is now setup within GuildQuality!

Enable the integration within MarketSharp

Now log in to your MarketSharp account. From the account menu at top-right, select “Admin”. Then under “Apps & Add-ons Setup”, choose GuildQuality Maintenance.

If you’re a user of our legacy MarketSharp integration, your GuildQuality ID should already be populated. If not, or if you don’t have one, just type in the number “0”.

Select the checkbox beside “Enable Customer Satisfaction Surveying”. Then fill out the remaining settings as appropriate to you, including how many days after job completion to wait before MarketSharp sends your contact to GuildQuality, and which types of Jobs and Leads should be eligible (we recommend selecting “all” job and lead types.

Once you’ve done this, select “Save”.

Using the integration

Once enabled, a “Push to GuildQuality” checkbox will appear on all completed Jobs in MarketSharp. Jobs you select here will be sent to GuildQuality for surveying.

If you have any issues or questions, feel free to contact your success manager!