GuildQualityGetting Started

Adding Contacts to Survey

How and when you upload your customers is dependent upon your preference. We have the best recommendations based on user experience:

  • To maintain an effective response rate, upload your customers as close to the completion date as possible.
  • If you’re uploading more than a handful of customers at a time, use the Import tool to upload a spreadsheet.
  • Customize your surveys, if you need to, before uploading clients.

You’re welcome to use whatever customer input method works best for your processes.

Importing via the Customer Portal:

If you don’t currently use a CRM/Excel to house your contact information, the customer portal is our recommendation for you. By typing in the customer’s information you can schedule surveys, add photos, tag your crew, assign filters, and keep track of internal project notes all on one page.

Click the “+ Add survey” tab in the Navigation Menu on the right hand side of your screen.

Provide as much information as you have available. The required fields that you must provide in order to start a survey are as follows:

    • Homeowner Name
    • Email Address AND/OR Phone Number
    • Address
    • Finished Date

Finished Date is the most vital field because in order to send out a survey, this field must be populated. You can continue to add relevant project information in crews, project types, project filters, and project notes as needed.

Once you have your customer information input into the fields be sure to hit Save Changes in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

Next you will want to add a survey to your project:

You can choose from any surveys in the drop down. Adding a survey will mean the customer will receive multiple from us. If you choose to Replace a survey it will remove the surveys that is already added to the project, meaning only one will be sent out, not both. 

Review your customers under the Customers tab to check on survey statuses and sort by Recommendation scores.

Using the Upload Tool:


The uploader only works with a .CSV file, so before you begin, please ensure your file is saved in the correct format. Follow these step-by-step below to use the uploader tool:

  1. From the import contacts page, select your .CSV file for upload. Click Next to move on.
  2. Map your columns. Your columns will come from your spreadsheet headers, so they don’t have to match to be mappable, as long as you recognize the headers. Manually select the appropriate header for the GuildQuality column name. (Example you may want to map a column called “Installer” to “Crew” in the uploader). You can skip any columns that you don’t want uploaded. Click Next to move on.
  3. Add Types of Work. Click Next to move on.
    • En masse: Use the +type of work option in the header of your page
    • Individual: Use the +type of work option next to the customer name.
  4. Add Crews. If you didn’t import Crews from your spreadsheet, you can add them now, or add additional crews to your projects for reporting. Click Next to move on.
    • En masse: Use the +crew option in the header of your page
    • Individual: Use the +crew option next to the customer name.
  5. Review your import. Once everything is set up in your import, you can review it before you launch any surveys and make any adjustments necessary. If everything looks correct, hit the blue Import button at the top right of your screen. A window will pop up asking if you’re ready to send the surveys now, or if you want to wait and send the surveys manually at a later date. The survey selected will be the survey that goes live to the entire spreadsheet:

If you would like to select a different survey, you can remove the current one and click Add Survey and select a survey to add from the dropdown.

If you are experiencing any issues in this process please email or call 888.355.9223 Ext 2 and our Support Team will be happy to assist you.