Survey and Question Groups

Survey Groups

A survey group (formerly called a survey scenario in GuildQuality Classic) is a collection of surveys for simplified assignment to new customers, and for reporting on their results as a whole.

You can assign a survey group to any new customer, or any batch of imported customers. And you can filter within reports to include only results from any survey group of your choice.

Survey groups can contain any survey template in your account, and each survey will send using the schedule defined in its template. However, if you want a survey to send at a different time when part of a group, you can override its schedule without affecting the template’s default setting.

Question Groups

Question groups are a way to group questions together for reporting. For instance, say you have three questions related to your sales team. You can create a group of “Sales questions” and report on their cumulative results. They won’t appear differently on the surveys, only reports.