Response Rate

Download a copy of our free homeowner introduction letter to improve your response rate.

You can track your response rate on the surveys page of your account. While there, click the “Response rate” button in the top right to bring up the full details.

If you need to resend any surveys, please email or call us at 888.355.9223 Ext 2 and we’ll help you improve your numbers as best as we can.

Improving Your Response Rates

GuildQuality uses a proven, multi-touch survey process to gather feedback from homeowners. On your behalf, we reach out to your customers by email, phone and direct mail. This process is designed to drive a high response rate. In fact, on average, our members who utilize the recommendations below enjoy a 60-70% response rate. For best results, please provide us with an accurate email address and phone number for each customer. In order to achieve a strong response rate, we also recommend:

Educating Customers about Your GuildQuality Surveying Program

Our members with the highest survey response rates are masters at setting the stage with customers about their surveying process. They place a one-page introduction letter, about our multi-touch surveying, in their new customer kits, they introduce and explain the survey process during initial customer meetings, and they advertise surveying customers on their website. While expressing that customer surveying is a part of each project, these members are also emphasizing how valuable they think their customer’s opinions are.

Clarifying How Your Customers Prefer to be Surveyed

In addition to sharing how much of an asset customer feedback is to your company, sometimes achieving a high response rate can be as easy as finding out how your client prefers to be contacted. For homebuilders, remodelers, and home services contractors within our community of quality, roughly half of their customers completed surveys via phone and roughly half by email; direct mail provides a small percentage of our completed surveys. We strongly recommend providing a phone number, email address, and mailing address for contact.

Submit Your Customer Contact Information Quickly

Surveying your customers shortly after their project has been completed will greatly increase your response rate as well. We recommend that you submit your customer contact information on a weekly or bi-weekly basis when possible. This will ensure that when we reach out, the details of the project will be fresh in your customer’s minds and the timing of the survey will make sense to them.

If you are already employing the three above methods and feel that your response rate isn’t to your standards, please email your member success manager or and we’ll assist you further.