Adding Contacts to Survey

GuildQualityGetting Started

How and when you upload your customers is dependent upon your preference. We have recommendations based on creating the best user experience: To maintain an effective response rate, upload your customers as close to the project/job/stage completion date as possible.

Send A Survey


Adding a survey and contact Before you can add a survey you must first add a contact. Click “Add survey” on the left side of the screen to navigate to the add contact page.

Adding a new survey to an existing contact


If you have completed another job or project for a homeowner you have previously surveyed through GuildQuality, you can send new surveys to the homeowner through the add project function. To do this you; Log into your account and select “contacts” in the blue navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen.

Customizing your surveys


Survey templates A template is a set of questions and details that will be used repeatedly to survey your customers or prospects. Create a template In the sidebar navigation, click on Account and then Templates.

Survey and Question Groups


Survey Groups A survey group (formerly called a survey scenario in GuildQuality Classic) is a collection of surveys for simplified assignment to new customers, and for reporting on their results as a whole. You can assign a survey group to any new customer, or any batch of imported customers.



Auto-completion is an optional feature you can enable on any survey template within the survey customization settings. This feature allows any partially completed survey attempt to register as a completed survey on your account’s dashboard once a survey expires.

Homeowner Survey Emails


A homeowner will receive an email similar to this one pictured below when they’re surveyed via email. The default subject line is “(Company Name) would appreciate your response to a very brief survey.

Responding to a Review


We offer the ability to publicly respond to all of your reviews. Whether you want to thank a customer for their positive feedback, or dispute a review from an unhappy homeowner, once the survey is completed, you can publish a response to your GuildQuality Profile.



GuildQuality does not allow members to edit reviews or change survey feedback, but we do provide the opportunity to update reviews through resurveying. How it works Reviews are generated for each project based on the most recent answer to the Likely to Recommend survey question.

Survey Removal


To maintain the integrity of the survey process, we are unable to remove a review or survey once it has been completed by the customer with the exception of: The customer provided feedback for the wrong company. The customer did not pay anything for work completed If you have a review meeting the above guidelines

Tagging Team Members


Team members can be tagged on surveys to allow for surveys to be customized (see; WILDCARDS) and enable team member reporting within your account analytics. Tagging team members is done in the ‘project information’ section of the survey information.