GuildQualitySurvey Types

Midway Through Survey

With a large project that takes months to complete, it’s a good idea to check in with your client midway through the process to ensure that everything is on track.

Implementing a midway-through survey (MWT) makes it easy to understand what the client likes and dislikes about the process so far. This way, you know what practices to continue and you can make any necessary adjustments for the rest of the project. 

Surveying Midway Through With GuildQuality

With GuildQuality, you can customize an MWT survey and collect essential data from your customers. This survey is typically conducted around the 50% mark of the project. This survey is intended for internal use for quality assurance and improvement. 

Important Questions to Ask

Especially if the client is still living in the space, it is important to make sure that they feel comfortable, safe, and respected by the contractors working in their home. We have outlined some topics you should consider covering when creating your MWT survey as a starting point:

  1. Effective communication
  2. Satisfied with the quality of materials
  3. Satisfied with the quality of workmanship
  4. Problem resolution abilities
  5. Professionalism and organization
  6. Foreman, project manager, or builder’s knowledge
  7. Clear understanding of the process
  8. Trust
  9. Expectations
  10. Customer suggestions moving forward

These topics highlight several different areas of your business that are key points to having a satisfied customer. You will have a clearer understanding of what your customers prioritize and value, and you can use this data to help coach your salespeople and contractors. 

Make sure your customers are happy

With the GuildQuality Midway Through survey, you will ensure that your customers are satisfied by the end of the project. You can fix any problem areas during the build, track performance over time, and ultimately improve your business!