GuildQuality ClassicReporting

The Details Report

The Details Report allows you to view your average scores, on a scale of 0-4, in real time anytime. You can view this feedback in a variety of helpful ways.

Using the Filter Options on the right, start to hone in on the feedback you want to isolate. The report defaults to All Time Compared by Quarter, but you can change the options however you need.

Learn more about Date Types here.

You can also isolate your report by specific fields, using default and custom filters.

Once you have your parameters set, click “Filter Details” to update the score bars in the main viewer. The values are sorted Alphabetically or Chronologically depending on your comparison type, and are isolated by question.

Save and Schedule your Details

Using the Scheduling option at the top right, you can have this report delivered to your inbox when it’s most convenient or useful to you. Learn more about push reports.

Print the Details Report

If you want to share this report with members of your team, you can print this report to a printer or PDF using the print icon at the top right of your report.

Want to see just a few questions at a time for specific parameters? Bundle your questions for better insights.

Use the Comments Report to investigate negative feedback, or read here on how to improve your response rate.