GuildQuality ClassicMarketing

Member Badge

Adding your GuildQuality Member Badge to your website not only displays your commitment to excellence, it also provides a direct link to your customer feedback. The code provided is built to communicate with search engines so that they treat your GuildQuality profile page as an extension of your website.

To add your Member Badge to your website visit either the Profile section or Logos section of your account. At the bottom of either page, you’ll see the Embed GuildQuality Badge on your site section.

Select from the options for customization and then copy the code. No need to refresh the page, the code updates with your selections. Once you’ve copied the embed code, you can paste into your website editor.

If you are not yet a Guildmaster recipient, your badge will appear as follows:

If you want to customize your badge further, you’re very welcome to, though please review our Brand Standards before doing so. GuildQuality’s Brand Standards were designed to help you leverage our brand in your own marketing efforts. Having these standards in place provides consistency in what it means to be a member of GuildQuality’s community of excellence.