GuildQuality ClassicMarketing

GuildQuality Map

The GuildQuality map allows your clients and prospects, to search by their zip code or zoom in to their area and see what their neighbors are saying about your company. This displays on your GuildQuality Profile, and can be embedded on your website.

The map populates with blue pins for published comments and star rated reviews, and gray pins for completed projects without feedback. We will not display sensitive contact information for your customers, and the pins are roughly within 2 football fields of actual location.

Profile map views can be displayed by All Projects or Reviews only.

Add the map to your site

  • Sign in to GuildQuality, hover over “Marketing” in the to menu and select “Profile”.
  • Scroll to the very bottom of this page to find the “Map of Customers Surveyed, Comments and Reviews” box.
  • Select special options (explained below)
  • Copy and paste the code into your website builder.

By default, projects will be displayed by pins that appear all at once when the map is loaded. You can choose to have your pins “Cluster” or “Animate” instead. The Cluster option allows the display of up to 2500 map points, all other options display 500.

Here’s what those options look like: