GuildQuality ClassicReporting

Date Types Explained

You can sort your GuildQuality feedback using a variety of date types. Each one will give you vital information for a sub-set of clients based around activity.

Ripe Date

This is the date a survey should or would go live based on your Survey Scenario(s). It is a calculation of days, weeks or months from a specified date. For example:

  • An At Contract survey’s Ripe Date could be “7 Days from Contract Date”
  • A Shortly After Closing survey’s Ripe Date could be “1 Week from Close Date”
  • A Long After Closing survey’s Ripe Date could be “12 Months from Close Date”

You have some control over Ripe Dates in the Scenarios section linked above.

Sent Date

Where Ripe Date is a “could have, would have, should have” range, Sent Date is the date the survey actually went live to your customer. You can run this report to see how many surveys you’ve launched in a calendar month or year, for example.

Response Date

You can pull reports based on when the customer responded to the survey. Some members prefer to read their reports this way by default to see what customers are saying in the moment.

Project Close Date

Finally, you can pull reports based on when the customers’ projects closed. This report can be useful when you need to be sure that you’ve sent all of your closings or completed projects for the month.