GuildQuality ClassicSurveys

Custom Survey Templates

If the default surveys don’t meet your needs, you have the option to create a custom template within Survey Admin. You’re welcome to send any changes you’d like made to or you can update the survey directly in your account by following these steps:


Hover over Customers in the top menu and select Edit Surveys

Choose the survey type you’d like to create (Shortly After Close, for example). Click the drop-down arrow under Questions to the right and select Copy. The survey will now appear below the original and tagged with “_1” Choose the drop-down arrow on the new survey and select Edit.

From here you can check/uncheck questions to add and remove them from your survey. Make sure to Save Changes in the bottom before leaving the page. You may also “Create Custom Questions” using the orange button below the pre-made questions.

In order to ensure you develop the kind of survey that captures quality customer feedback, here are a few best practice tips:

Be Brief  The most successful surveys are concise. Strive to limit your total number of questions to between 15 or 20.

Be Clear  Avoid industry jargon, or terms used only by your team members when developing questions. Additionally, don’t use language that beats around the bush. Be as direct as possible so you receive responses that lack uncertainty.

Be Engaging  Keep in mind your client is being asked for feedback frequently from other companies. Ask engaging questions that combat survey fatigue and capture candid feedback.


Once you have built your survey, you need to set it into a Scenario for it to be a usable active survey:

Hover over Customers, select Edit Surveys and then Scenarios.

If you’re updating an existing Scenario (swapping out an outdated survey for a current one) click the action button to the far right of your existing Scenario and select “Edit”. You’ll add your new survey in, and remove the old one, making sure your date ranges are appropriate for your needs.

If you are adding a new survey to a new Scenario (adding a new process Survey, like a Mid-Way or Spec Home SAC), click the “Add New Scenario” button at the top to create your new survey scenario. Name your scenario something easily identifiable (the homeowner will never see this name), add your survey, choose your time frame, and hit Save.

Make sure your most commonly used survey scenario is set to “Default” using the actions button.

Your new survey will now be available to use upon uploading new customers to your account.