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Removing Filter Values

When you lose a member of your team, we’ll show you what do you do with the filter values they leave behind. You have a few options.

Rename the Filter Value

Our best practice is to never delete a filter value once it has homeowners assigned to it. Doing so creates a “None Listed” filter that can create a rift in historical reporting. We recommend that you change the filter name to “(team member name) – No Longer with Company”.

Reassign Customers to Another Value

Another option, though arguably more tedious, would be to create an umbrella “Rep No Longer with Company” value in your filter pick list and follow the instructions below to resort homeowners into that value:

  1. Visit your Customers tab in the top menu and select Surveys.
  2. On the right hand side will be your Filter Options. Click inside the box to of the filter where your team member is listed. Pro Tip: clear the date range to look at results for all time.
  3. From the drop down that appears, select the filter(s) that you want to remove. Pro Tip: It is easiest to do them one value grouping at a time.
  4. Click the orange “Filter Surveys” button. Your customers who are assigned to the selected incorrect filter will now be listed.
  5. Click on a customer’s name from the list to view their Homeowner Profile.
  6. Click the “Edit” button on the box called “Project Filters” to activate your Default and Custom Filter fields.
  7. Assign the team member to your decided-upon no longer with company value, and click “Save”.
  8. Continue steps 1-8 until all customers are updated then proceed to the next section below. Pro Tip: You can use your browser’s “Back” button to return to step 5. Hitting Customers > Surveys again will make you repeat steps 1-7 

View Reports by Time Frame

As time passes, if you view reports with restricted time frames, your team members who are no longer with the company will naturally fall out of view. For example, if you are viewing by “year to date” and a team member left the previous year, the feedback will automatically omit that value simply because they haven’t been assigned to new homeowners within the time frame restriction.