GuildQuality ClassicReporting

Project Notes

To streamline team communication, you can internally communicate about your customers survey responses with your entire team directly from a completed survey. You can share if and when you made a reach out, share resolution notes, post any insights into possible reasons behind certain scores, or anything you feel needs to be shared.

This will send an email to any user on the account who is associated with the survey (Supers and Admins, as well as Normal users who are restricted to the feedback received). It does not notify the homeowner, it does not post publicly, nor does it send an email to GuildQuality support.

To turn this feature on, have any Super or Admin to go Preferences > Notifications and check the box to “Enable Survey Notes”

Once this has been enabled, a box will appear at the bottom of any completed survey, whether clicked from an email or from within the account. Type your note and click “Add Note” to notify your team of any updates you’d like to share.