GuildQuality ClassicIntegrations

Marketsharp Integration

GuildQuality has partnered with MarketSharp to make it easy for you to keep track of your customers and solicit authentic, trusted feedback!

Setup takes place in two steps. First you will configure the MarketSharp settings in your GuildQuality account. Then, you will set up the integration in your MarketSharp account. Once you’ve completed these two steps, MarketSharp will automatically transmit your customer information to GuildQuality. *NOTE: You can only have one Marketsharp account linked to one GuildQuality account at a time.

Configuring MarketSharp within GuildQuality

  1. First, login to your GuildQuality account.
  2. Click “Preferences” at the top of the page, then click “Integrations”.
  3. Scroll down to “MarketSharp”.
  4. Map the Marketsharp data fields (left) to your GuildQuality data fields (right).
    • If you don’t have corresponding filters, you can ignore this step, or create new filters here. If you ignore this, Marketsharp will not send this information.
  5. Choose the GuildQuality survey you’d like your customers to receive.
  6. Choose your “Duplicate Project Preference”:
    • Always Upload Duplicates: Choose this if you complete multiple jobs for the same customer frequently and want to survey them for all jobs
    • Only upload if greater than 6 months: Choose this of you complete multiple jobs for the same customer and only want to survey then again if it’s been longer than 6 months.
    • Never Upload Duplicates: Choose this if you only want to survey a customer once, regardless of the number of jobs you complete for them.
  7. Check Agree. Note: GuildQuality will charge for these surveys per your agreed upon billing plan.
  8. Click “Save MarketSharp Configuration”.
  9. If everything was configured properly, you’ll see a “token” or code generated and displayed in a green box. You’ll need that token to complete the setup in your MarketSharp account.

Continue the GuildQuality Integration with MarketSharp

  1. Click on the “Admin” link within MarketSharp.
  2. Click on App and Add-On Setup and select “GuildQuality Maintenance
  3. Configure GuildQuality by doing the following:
    • Enter the long token generated from the GuildQuality portion of setup into the “GuildQuality ID” field.
    • Configure when to survey your completed jobs (recommended setting is 1 – 7 days).
    • Configure which Job Types you’d like to survey. NOTE: If you don’t want to send ALL customers, select Manual Job Type Selection. This will allow you to check a “Push to GuildQuality” box on all projects marked complete in Marketsharp.
    • Configure which Lead Sources you’d like to survey. NOTE: Manual Lead Source Selection requires placing a check mark on the jobs you want to survey.
  4. Click “Save” and you’re all set!

If you did NOT choose “Manual Job Type”, all jobs marked completed moving forward will be sent to GuildQuality. Click here to learn how to export previous jobs if needed.

*IF you have multiple Marketsharp accounts that you manage, you can link each one to it’s own GuildQuality account via the integration tool.