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WordPress Widget

If you have a website or blog powered by WordPress, you can stream your GuildQuality comments and/or reviews directly to your site sidebar or footer with our WordPress Widget. The Widget automatically embeds your GuildQuality Member Badge.

Install the Official GuildQuality WordPress Widget

  • Visit the link above and download the widget (top right).
  • Upload the GQ_member_feedback folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress. Go to the widget page [Appearance > Widgets] in your administration panel.
  • Drag the GuildQuality Member Feedback Widget to a widget area.

Check out our GuildQuality Member Feedback Widget in the WordPress Plugin Directory for further instructions.

Streaming Customer Feedback Metrics using GuildQuality Metric WordPress Plugin by PME 360

Although no longer supported, you can also use the GuildQuality Metric plugin.

Installation Instructions

Download the GuildQuality Metric WordPress Plugin by PME 360.

  • Upload the plugin to your WordPress site and activate the plugin using the Plugins page of your WordPress Admin page.
  • Under the settings menu of your WordPress Admin page there will now be a page “GuildQuality Metrics”, click the link.
  • Login to your GuildQuality account, activate your GuildQuality API credentials (if not already activated)
  • Copy the API Username and Password from the GuildQuality API settings page to the GuildQuality Metrics setting page and click save.
  • You are now ready to start placing your GuildQuality metrics data on your site by placing the gq_metrics shortcode on your blog post or page.

Usage Instructions 
Once installed, the GuildQuality Metric WordPress Plugin makes a shortcode available that you can place on any page where you’d like to display your survey metrics. The base shortcode is [gq_metrics]. Copy and paste the shortcode into the page where you want the metrics data to be displayed.

Shortcode Attributes 
The shortcode accepts attributes to allow easy customization of the appearance of the metrics output.

  • font_size — Assigns the base font size used for the metrics output. Accepts all standard CSS font size definitions.
  • label_color – Assigns the color to use for the metric labels. Accepts all standard CSS color definitions.
  • bar_color – Assigns the color if the full sized bar that contains the indicator bar. Accepts all standard CSS color definitions.
  • indicator_color – Assigns the color of the indicator bar. Accepts all standard CSS color definitions.
  • ind_text_color – Assigns the color of the text in the indicator bar. Accepts all standard CSS color definitions.
  • columns – Defines the number of columns the metrics are arranged in. Allows for 1, 2, 3 or 4-column layout with 2 being the default.

A fully constructed shortcode might look like:

  • [gq_metrics font_size=”10px” label_color=”black” bar_color=”#30ad30″ indicator_color=”#ad3030″ ind_text_color=”white” columns=”2″]