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Default Survey Templates

Explore which survey templates are readily available in your account

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Within the Edit Surveys section of your GuildQuality account you have 6 ready-made survey templates available for your use. Each of these surveys has been crafted to capture feedback from your clients (or prospects/leads) throughout your relationship.

AC – At Contract : 1 -30 Days After Contract

MWT – Midway Through : 10% -90% to Completion

GuildQuality Classic SAC : 1-12 Weeks After Completion *Designed with Builders and Remodelers in mind

GuildQuality Contractor SAC : 1-12 Weeks After Completion *Designed with Replacement, Specialty and Restoration Contractors in mind

LAC – Long After Close : 6-24 Months After Closing

Prospect : 1-7 Days After Pitch

  • Prospect surveying allows you the opportunity to survey your contacts who are not yet customers. This can be done in a separate account for marketing and reporting purposes.