GuildQuality ClassicBilling

Updating Payment Info

If you need to update your Credit Card, add or remove an accounting contact, or view past billing statements, you can do so from your Account Preferences panel.

Click on Preferences and select Billing from the left menu. If you do not have a billing tab, please contact Support.

Update Your Credit Card

Under Billing, select “Update Credit Card” to change your details. This information is encrypted, so you will need to re-enter all details, even if you only need to update your expiration date.

Update Your Accounting Contact

You can control who receives billing statements by adding and removing email addresses. Your billing contact does not need access to your account to receive this information.

View Historical Statements

GuildQuality will store all of your past statements in your billing section for you review, as long as you’ve been in our automated system. If you are missing a statement, please contact Support┬áto have it emailed to you.

Learn more about your Rate Card here.