The GuildQuality Index (GQI)

The GuildQuality Index (GQI)

Within your account are many reporting features to breakdown the data we collect for your surveys. Those reports give you the percentages of the scores you receive; however, you also have the ability to measure by our GuildQuality Index (GQI) percentage.


The GQI presents the percentage of your scores that are 5 minus the percentage that are 1, 2, or 3 and in this calculation any responses that are a 4 are considered neutral and thereby excluded. Using the GQI accentuates your changes over time and can help you focus on canceling out the detractors by improving your business.

To set your account to GQI go to your navigations bar on the left and click Settings, then Preferences. 

On this page, find the Satisfaction section and select Change. There you will be able to select GQI to enable this type of reporting.

If you have any further questions please reach out to our Support Team by emailing or by calling 888-355-9223 Ext. 2.