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Collecting Google reviews with pulseM and GuildQuality

GuildQuality has partnered with pulseM to offer a new survey and review collection process.  The goal of this partnership is to give our members a better way to collect valuable Google reviews from their clients. Using pulseM’s SMS outreach process called pulseCheck, we will begin the customer surveying cadence with a text message requesting a Google review.

After your customer receives the initial text message, the GuildQuality survey cadence you’re accustomed to will take over.

Asking for a Google review first has been shown to increase the likelihood of your clients following through. With this combined pulseM and GuildQuality survey process, you will likely receive more Google reviews in addition to the in-depth feedback you’ve come to expect from GuildQuality.

Curious about what this actually looks like to the customer? Here’s a helpful breakdown of the types of messages they’ll receive and when:

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I get a negative review? Does it post to Google or do I get to see it first?

We do not post negative or neutral reviews obtained through pulseCheck surveys (what we refer to as internal reviews) to Google. There’s no way to prevent a customer from posting a negative or neutral review of your business directly to Google (this is what we call an external review), but most customers go through our pulseCheck survey.

An advantage of pulseCheck is that if a homeowner clicks on a negative or neutral sentiment in pulseCheck, you will be alerted immediately via email and/or text message. This gives you an opportunity to quickly reach out to the customer and try to turn things around.

We highly recommend installing our review widget on your website to showcase the positive reviews your business receives. Any social review and only positive internal reviews post to the widget. Negative and neutral internal reviews cannot be added to the widget, so they won’t be seen outside of your pulseM account. The widget is indexed by Google, so the great feedback from your customers will display in search results for your company.

How can I be sure my homeowner won’t be confused between GuildQuality and pulseM reaching out?

We use a different phone number to prevent any confusion.

What are the benefits of setting up an integration vs sending my own spreadsheet in?

Setting up an integration also equals less manual work for you, so the primary benefit is that it’s a time saver. With an integration, you won’t need to compile and upload spreadsheets of customer data. We’ve also found that our members who take advantage of the integration typically see better results.

How do homeowners respond to being sent a text?

Everyone’s different, but our members report their customers not being bothered by a text, especially when it’s coming from a reputable company they’ve already worked with.

What does the text message and the other pages look like when the customer clicks the link?

Here’s an example of what your customers will see: