Barometer Surveys

GuildQuality equips you with the ability to stay in touch with the longevity of your work performance. You can send automatic, annual barometer surveys to quickly check in with your customers, providing opportunities to re-engage them for additional feedback, additional work, or referrals:

These check-ins are sent every year on the anniversary of the original survey send date. It’s a one-question survey that asks your homeowner how likely they are to still recommend your company after living with your work for as long as they have:

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As of right now, the Barometer survey will continue every year it’s answered. If a barometer survey isn’t answered, it will not launch again the next year unless you hit “Send Again” yourself.

Can I turn off Barometer Surveys?

Of course! To turn off Barometer Surveys navigate to the preferences page of your account menu on the left-hand navigation. Then scroll down to the Barometers section and turn the toggle to “Off”.