GuildQuality ClassicMarketing

The RSS Feed

The RSS Feed is an alternative to the standard Feedback Widget. If gives you a little more customization on how your information flows to your website. Follow the instructions below to set up an RSS feed to the feedback on your GuildQuality profile.

Set up your RSS Parser

RSS Parsers are available for many popular web publishing platforms or can be easily custom coded by your web development team. Once you’ve created your RSS Parser, use your GuildQuality RSS Feed URL to configure your Parser’s data feed.

Your RSS feed URL is located within your survey account in the Marketing section under the Profile tab. Copy your profile page URL (under Share Profile with Friends) and add /rss to the end:


Customize your feed options

By Type of Commentary:

Using the “show” option, you have three values that can be inserted as follows:

  • Comments shows only comments

  • Reviews shows only reviews

  • All shows both comments and reviews

If you do not specify an option, the feed will default to showing only comments. Here are some examples of an RSS feed URL configured with this option:

By Number of Feed Items

Using the “limit” option, you can specify the maximum amount of reviews or comments displayed. Any value between 1 and 100 can be used.


By Combining Options

You can also combine these two options:


Quick tip: You can also use JavaScript to scroll through to each comment one at a time.