GuildQuality ClassicBilling

Survey Credits

To discover how many survey credits you’ve used in a calendar month, and subsequently how many you have left before incurring additional fees, visit Preferences in the top right corner of your account, and select Billing from the left menu. *If you do not have a billing option, please contact for information.

When you visit Billing in your GuildQuality account, you’ll see a breakdown of:

  • Your monthly GuildQuality membership fee (charged on the first of the month for the previous month’s activity)
  • Your per survey fee (if you exceed your survey credit allotment)
  • How many surveys have been initiated in the present month
  • How many survey credits you have available in total
  • How many survey credits you have left for the month
  • Survey credits expiring at the end of the month

To update who is receiving these statements for your account, add/remove emails from the “Billing Contact” section in Billing.

*You must have admin access to see the Billing section of your account, and past statements are stored here as well.