GuildQuality ClassicCRM Instructions

Sage Export (Canada)

Exporting the Customers List to a CSV file

  1. From the main menu of Sage 50 Accounting click on ReportsListsCustomers.
  2. The Customer List Options box will come on.
  3. Press Select All.
  4. Click OK.
  5. It will then generate the Customer List Report.
  6. Go to the File menu on the Report.
  7. Click EXPORT.
  8. The “Export Selection” box will pop up.
  9. Make sure you save it as a Comma Separated (*.CSV).
  10. Click on SAVE.

If you need further detailed information on Sage’s export options, please click here.

Once you have your export, you can upload it to your account, or email it to with your company name and any special instructions you might have.

If you need to add filters to your account to include additional information for tracking and reporting, please click here to learn how to do so.