GuildQuality ClassicCRM Instructions

QuickBooks Export

If you use QuickBooks to store and track your contacts and leads, you can easily export reports into Excel to send or upload to GuildQuality anytime.

For the QuickBooks Online tutorial, please click here.

To Export out of QuickBooks Desktop, please follow the steps below to pull a Customer Contact List with relevant information:

  1. Log into QuickBooks and Select “Reports” > “Customers & Receivables” > “Customer Contact List”
  2. Click “Customize Report”, or “Modify Report” on earlier versions.
  3. Under “Filters”, restrict your customers by date and/or status. (“Completed” for closed project surveying, or “lead” if you’re surveying prospects, for example)
  4. Under “Display”, select to show, at a minimum, the following information:
    1. Customer Name
    2. Address
    3. City
    4. State
    5. Zip
    6. Phone Number
    7. Email Address
  5. While in Display, feel free to provide any other pertinent details for tracking and reporting options within your GuildQuality account. Some ideas might be:
    1. Salesperson
    2. Project Manager
    3. Amount
    4. Community
    5. Type of Work
  6. You can save your report as a custom report to return to as often as you want to export your clients.
  7. Click “Export” and choose to export your report as a “new .csv file”

Now you can do any cleaning up of your report that you may need to do on your end, and then upload it to your account, or email it to with your company name and any special instructions you might have.

If you need to add filters to your account to include additional information for tracking and reporting, please click here to learn how to do so.