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Negative Survey Feedback

Ideally, the more you survey, the more your customer feedback will be overwhelmingly positive. Realistically, you will get a few surveys that have feedback that you may not want to market for a handful of reasons. You can investigate and manage negative feedback within your GuildQuality account using the following tools:

  • The Scorecard Report will show you your % of satisfaction in a variety of ways. Click here to learn more about the Scorecard report.
  • The Details Report will show you an average of satisfaction for each question broken down by groupings (timeframes, teams, etc). Click here to learn more about the Details report.
  • The Comments Report will allow you to view all comments provided for any of the questions featured in the two reports above to see if there is any insight for low scores.

When all else fails, you can export your survey data into an Excel spreadsheet to comb through the scores and comments all in one place.


  • Hover over the Customers tab and click Surveys.
  • Choose the time frame you’re interested in viewing or clear the time frame using the red X next to Start and End date to view feedback for all time.
  • Filter your report if needed using the boxes on the right.
  • Click the orange Filter Customers button.
  • At the bottom right, click Export Completed Surveys.
  • The feedback will transfer into an Excel form with multiple tabs.
    • The first tab(s) will show you all numerical scores received.
    • The last tab will show you all comments left for all surveys.

If you’re not sure where to start, filter any report by Area for Improvement. It can be a great indicator for learning opportunities as a team.