GuildQuality ClassicReporting

GQI : The GuildQuality Index

Within The Scorecard Report you’ll see the option to view your results by Scorecard Index. Most of the results give you the percentage of scores and omit the rest. The GQI, or the GuildQuality Index (also known as Net Promoter Score) is a little different.

The GQI presents the percentage of your scores that are “4” minus the percentage that are “0,” “1,” or “2.” In this calculation any responses that are a “3” are considered neutral and thereby excluded.

From a trend reporting perspective, the GQI segments your customers based on those who are your raving fans who are being cancelled out by those who aren’t as enthusiastic. Using the GQI rather than “Strongly Agree, 4” accentuates your changes over time and can help you focus on cancelling out the detractors by improving your business.