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Billing Explained

One of the best parts of a GuildQuality membership is that there are no contracts. We strive to work within your budget and ensure your chosen billing plan is the best for your volume. Here’s an outline of how our plans work.

We begin with one of our three base options:

All base plans come with 3 survey credits per month to get you started. If you know you’ll be surveying a set number of customers per month, your account manager or a member of the support team can create a bundled billing plan for you to give you some easier predictability month to month. Any survey credits that are not used in a bundle plan will roll over based on the terms of your agreement, usually 3 months. 

For example, if you know you’ll survey 20 customers/month we would offer a flat rate plan of $590/month which would include 20 survey credits/month, with any additional surveys costing $20 each. This flat rate plan uses the second base billing option above to give you control over how much you’re going to be spending.

If you’d like to get a quote on your monthly or annual volume please feel free to contact your account manager directly, email or call us at 888.355.9223 x2.

What does the monthly fee include?

Every monthly fee comes with:

  • Full access to your account (no hidden fees for additional access if you are a premium (paying) member) with:
    • Unlimited User Accounts
    • Custom Survey Templates
    • Custom Reporting tailored to your business operational needs
  • A GuildQuality marketing profile with rankings on our GuildQuality Find database and:
    • Star Ratings on your profile
    • Social Media presence
    • Facebook and Google Review encouragement
  • Inclusion into any and all applicable awards like Guildmaster and Partner Awards
  • A dedicated account manager who will keep in touch with you to ensure success, and a talented support team who will help you no matter how small or large the request
  • Access to the GuildQuality Crew Network and Job Board
  • A minimum of 3 survey credits per month (more if you bundle)
  • …and so much more!

When will I be billed?

GuildQuality will bill your monthly fee on the first of each month. This bill will include the current month’s fee and any survey overage charges from the previous month. We are not able to provide refunds, so please make any changes to your billing plan before the first of the month to guarantee proper billing.

If you feel you were billed inaccurately, please email

How do I know how many survey credits I have at any given time?

Simply visit the Billing section of your account, located in Preferences.

You’ll see a breakdown of the following:

  • Your monthly GuildQuality membership fee, charged on the first of every month
  • Your per survey fee if you exceed your survey credit allotment
  • How many surveys have been initiated in the present month
  • How many survey credits you have available in total
  • How many survey credits you have left for the present month
  • Survey credits expiring at the end of the month, if any

Who receives the billing statements?

In your Billing section, there is a header for Billing Contact. To update that section, you may add or remove any emails, separated by ONLY a comma (no spaces). Any emails in that section will receive the billing statements. Those emails do not need to coincide with a user on your account.

Can I see past billing statements?

Under the Billing Contact in your Billing section, you’ll see a section titled Historical Statements. We keep these on file for you for all time. Please contact if you are missing any or if you feel a statement is not accurate.

Can I cancel my account anytime?

We would hate to lose you as a valued partner, but you can cancel your account anytime. Without contracts, it’s our duty to prove the value of GuildQuality to you at all times. We would love the chance to speak with you before you go, if only to learn how we could have served you better. You may cancel within your Billing section, you can contact your account manager directly, or you can get in touch with support via email or by calling 888.355.9223 Ext 2

What happens if I cancel?

We promise there are no hard feelings. You will maintain access to your account through the end of the month for which you’ve most recently paid. At the end of the month, your account access will be turned off. Your public profile (if you have one) will become a “Free Profile” that will maintain any star reviews and your company’s contact information, but will also market prospective homeowners to other full-paying members of the GuildQuality community. This Free Profile will also fall from search engine rankings. However, we will maintain everything inside your account, so if you choose to return to us we can light everything back up just as it was before.