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Autopost to Kudzu

You can have your star ratings automatically feed to your Kudzu profile page from GuildQuality.

  • In GuildQuality, hover over Marketing and select Social Media.
  • On the Social Media page, paste your Kudzu URL.
  • Click “Save Changes” in the bottom right corner.

Your customer reviews will be published to your Kudzu profile every Sunday evening. Please note that Kudzu requires a 100 character minimum (roughly 20 words) to publish a review to their site.

Learn more about GuildQuality’s review collection program.

If you’re unfamiliar with Kudzu, the site provides an opportunity for homeowners to find service providers for their home and family and gives service providers an online forum to drive word of mouth for their businesses. They’ve been a GuildQuality partner since 2011. You can visit to create a free profile for your business.